Who qualifies? 

Churches, Schools, Youth Groups, Charity Groups, and More!

The Wave Carwash will sell a $25 dollar preloaded WashCard to each organization for $10 dollars, and each organization can set the selling price,usually $20. Big advantage is that you only pay after the cards are sold. No liability for your group washing cars. We are enviromentally friendly, all wash water is collected in sand oil separators so no waste water goes down the drains to the river. And you can sell these even when the weather is bad.


We give your Group 100 Cards worth $25 each. You sell them for $20 each. If you sell all 100 cards, then you keep $1000.00. If you only sell 50 Cards then you keep $500.00 and return the other 50 Cards. This way the customer also receives a 25% discount  when the cards are valued at $25 and sold for $20. One more reason for them to buy the Cards for your fundraiser.

For further information please call (775) 857-3278 or e-mail us at thewavecarwash@sbcglobal.net